About Jim

Jewellery designer and Larceny brand founder Jim Law practiced as a solicitor before realising his immutable passion for jewellery.

Jim's designs are intended to empower the wearer and to transcend time. Captivated by strong distinct forms within his designs, signature reverse-set stones are incorporated for added depth and dimension. Every collection is inspired whether it be through art, architecture, people or the natural environment.

Every Larceny piece is deeply considered, the resulting designs are then consciously and skillfully crafted and finished by hand in Malaysia through a longstanding relationship with our manufacturer.

This aspect of Larceny jewellery is treasured as it is the same family of craftspeople from which Jim's "ahmah" (grandmother) had commissioned fine jewellery since the 1970’s.

"I trust that every Larceny piece evokes the same emotions for you that I experience when my designs become reality."

Jim Law